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Fact Sheet: Loss & Bereavement

You may have clicked on this page because someone you know has died or because someone has moved away or because your Mum and Dad are getting a divorce or because you have experienced loss of another kind.

Maybe you have got a friend who is going through one of these things and you want to help.

Whatever age we are, when loss happens it is really hard to manage.


We may feel upset and sad, or numb or angry, worried, anxious, scared, confused, guilty or tired. One way of getting some balance back is to explore whatever it is you may be feeling. Speaking to a Youthline counsellor could help you make sense of what you are going through. Your parent or teacher or carer would also be a good support in confusing times. Whatever it is you’re going through, the links below will help you to access different sources of help and support. Choose the one that feels right for you.


If someone important to you has just died, or you have just found out they are very seriously ill, you are not alone and you can get help and support.

If you need to talk to someone you can contact Child Bereavement UK on 01494 568900 – your call will be confidential.

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Seeing my Youthline counsellor helps me concentrate at school more knowing I have someone to talk to.

If you want to learn more about your feelings, and find more information and resources please click below:

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