Counselling in Schools – Someone to talk to

Counselling in Schools – Someone to talk to

Youthline offers a client-centred, BACP accredited counselling service to all Bracknell Schools. All our school counsellors are professionally qualified and experienced in working with young people’s issues in a school environment.

Healthy schools need to provide a continuum of support for their vulnerable children and those with emotional difficulties. Schools provide a lot of pastoral support with tutors, heads of house, student support staff, but find it difficult to provide the heavier end of qualified and experienced counselling support for their students.  Youthline can fulfil this requirement.

The counselling itself is free, however, the cost covers supervision which is an absolute requirement for any placement student or counsellor. In addition to mandatory Child Protection training and advanced DBS checks, Youthline provide ongoing training for the counsellor, indemnity insurance, assessment materials, counselling resource materials, literature for the schools, counsellor expenses, management support, and assume all accountability for the counselling.

Benefits of on site counselling compared to counselling at Youthline:

  • Contributes to the schools commitment to Healthy Schools Achievement
  • Integral to schools continuum of provision (ECM)
  • Low cost to Schools – Excellent value for money
  • School selects and prioritises student for counselling
  • Relationship and trust between school and counsellor
  • Students attend because its on site
  • Time out of lessons is minimised
  • Time out of school and loss in transit avoided
  • Prevents escalation of difficulties
  • Positive outcomes observed – better attendance, better achievement, better relationships, better coping mechanisms, better emotional control.
  • Dedicated counsellor(s) to the school
  • Counsellors on going training tailored to trends in school


Youthline school counsellors are trained to work professionally with issues such as self harm, depression, anxiety, bullying, stress, anger and low self esteem.

If you would like to arrange further counselling provision or discuss the counselling process further please call us on 01344 311200 or email us on

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