What is Counselling?

Counselling at Youthline offers a safe space for you to talk privately with someone who is skilled in listening about whatever might be troubling you.



Your counsellor will listen to you without making judgements and will help you to explore your personal thoughts, feelings and experiences.

You will not be pressured to talk about anything you do not want to. Many people are nervous at first in what is a new and different experience, but these feelings are quite natural. It can be hard to take that first step, but whatever your problem, however big or small, you will be made welcome here at Youthline and listened to with respect.

Coming to Youthline has given me a place to say how I feel about situations and be listened to by someone who understands and can think of ways to help me

Helpful links for information:

The book offers lots of practical and useful advice and aims to help children and young people by sharing lots of tips on how to deal with many problems, such as anxiety, stress, body image, relationships and anger. It also includes information about where to get help when they need it.

This year more than ever, anyone can sometimes feel down, worried or anxious because of a variety of situations like lockdown, school, family or friends. The #littlebluebookofsunshine explains some of the things teenagers can do right now to feel better, and who to turn to if things feel too much.

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