Transitioning from Primary School to Secondary School

For most children the move from primary to secondary school is a mix of excitement and anxiety.

Most children will find ways to adapt, but some will find change and the unknown much harder to cope with and will struggle to benefit from the positives offered by secondary school.

There is good evidence that children’s mental, emotional, physical, psychological and social wellbeing are connected and that good mental health substantially underpins children’s capacity for learning.

As a parent or carer, to help in this transition, as well as talking to them about the change in routine and the possible change of classroom and teachers visit for useful visual aids and information. To make this transition as smooth as possible, try to be as encouraging as possible. Ensure they eat well, sleep well and stay attuned for any signs of distress or difficulty such as not being able to sleep, frequent angry outbursts and tears. Listen to them when they relay stories from school and show an active interest in their friendships, the school, their teachers, their activities and their subjects.

Youthline can also offer support.

Talking can help and know that you are not alone.     

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