Feedback following Sessions at Youthline

It is always positive to hear how Youthline have supported our clients. Below are words of how one of the parents have benefitted from their sessions with their counsellor:


‘I’m a 45 year old parent of 2 girls, separated, with mental health issues, denied through fear of weakness

A friend directed me to YouthLine. I didn’t know parents had access to their service . I completed an online form. Days later, I was offered sessions with an experienced counsellor

My counsellor helped me ask questions of myself. I was open and began to identify actions I’d taken and why. Some days I’d cry, others laugh. Each session I spilled thoughts, emotions, insight in to who I am. I’d take these thoughts away and be honest with myself

I needlessly blame myself for everything. My counsellor and YouthLine have helped me accept my mental state and appreciate me for whom I am

I’m not broken, it’s not about being fixed, It’s recognise that I am human, I have self worth, I can ask for help, I can make mistakes. I can forgive others, I can forgive myself too

I’m a role model for my children. Asking for help is a sign of strength, courage, and self worth that’s important to install in our children. I can do this only by accepting these flaws in myself and continuing to seek help.’

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