Counselling at Youthline offers a safe space for you to talk privately with someone who is skilled in listening about whatever might be troubling you.

Your counsellor will listen to you without making judgements and will help you to explore your personal thoughts, feelings and experiences.

You will not be pressured to talk about anything you do not want to. Many people are nervous at first in what is a new and different experience, but these feelings are quite natural. It can be hard to take that first step, but whatever your problem, however big or small, you will be made welcome here at Youthline and listened to with respect.

Coming to Youthline has given me space to work harder and helped with my worries on tests.

Helpful links for information:

The Little Book of Sunshine – A new booklet to support young people in times of emotional distress produced by young people as part of the CAMHS Transformation Plan both for East Berkshire and Berkshire West